Personal Injury Law – Types Of Accidents

Auto Accidents:

If you or a loved has gone through a disastrous auto accident then we would say that you should contact us immediately. We will make sure that you get the compensation for your damages, medical bills and other expenses from the insurance company of the responsible person. We promise that we will stand by your side after the tragic accident for your support. It might be a little difficult for you to cope with the stuff like getting compensation from the insurance company or work. That is the only reason we are here and we can assure you that we will fight for your right and reimbursement.

Motorcycle Accidents:

We must have seen motorcycle accidents happening around us. These accidents cannot be taken lightly especially if you or any loved one is involved. The accident might happen because of your own or some other person’s negligence. Whatever the case is, it is your right to get the compensations for your damages. In this hard time of your life we will always support you in the best way we can. Motorcycles accidents can cause big damages lie broken bones, fractures and in some cases even death is possible.motorcycle accident lawyers

Trucking Accidents:

Trucking accidents are considered to be one of the most disastrous accidents as they can cause dreadful damages to the person sitting in the other vehicle or even in the same truck. Such accidents usually end up in death cases. If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident then kindly contact us as we can help you to get the compensation for your damages. Why suffer when you can make the responsible party pay for what they have done. Getting compensation from the responsible party in trucking accidents can be a little difficult as the companies involved in financing these trucks are big companies and are very hard to deal with. So get our help and see the difference.

Brain injuries:

A brain injury can be unalterable in an accident, because of medical carelessness or by reason of an attack. Brain injuries are believed to be terrible injuries. Due to a brain injury an individual can face troubles like memory breakdown, stoppage to be liable of body, change in actions, and difficulty of impermanent memory, lose awareness, and unconsciousness. A person who is experiencing cruel brain harm may not be able to get well totally. With a case connecting a brain wound, you will have to talk to a firm which can give you a specialized legal representative who will struggle for your rights. That will comprise of making an assessment of any approaching medical order for expenses that could take place with the ongoing fee of a damage of this level.

Burn Injuries:

Burn injuries are usually long lasting and very painful. Such injuries can take place because of an explosion, contact with hot water, fire cases and a lot more things. We cannot ignore accidents like these but we can at least get the compensation for the damages that these accidents have caused. In some cases you yourself are responsible for such injuries but in many cases some other people can be involved or held responsible for it. If you experience a burn injury the make sure that you speak to us and we will help you to get the compensation of your damages from the responsible party or the insurance company. You would have to be financially strong to pay for your medical bills and everyday expenses. If the injury is serious then might need to go for plastic surgery or skin grafting which is even more expensive. Let the responsible party pay for the damages.

Construction Accidents:

Constructions accidents can be deadly as they usually take place in risky and rough areas. The victims of such accidents are mostly the labors working on the site. If you have been injured in a construction accident then we would suggest you to talk to us and we will make sure that you get the compensation for your damages and lost wages from the responsible party which is in most of the cases the owner of the site and company itself.

Slip & Falls:

Most people usually take slip and fall accidents lightly as they cannot cause big damages but this is not the case. You never know what type of damage could a slip and fall accident cause. You can get the compensation for your slip and fall accident if you have slipped or fallen in someone else’s land. The owner of that property would be responsible for this damage. You can file a case on the responsible party with our help and we are sure that we will never let you down. personal injury attorneys

Insurance/ Bad Faith Claims:

Insurance bad faith is an official term of ability that explicates a tort claims that a sheltered person can have in incongruity to an indemnity group for its unpleasant works. In the regulation of the majority of the system in the United States, assurance organizations have an authorized liability of giving wonderful self-assurance and even-tempered dealing to the people they call their clients. Just to get assistance in that affair, we are always there for you.

Premises Liability:

You might face a small accident while walking through someone else’s property. If you do then we may not know that you can get the compensation for your damages or injury from the property owner. Accidents that come in property liability take in Slip and fall accidents, dog bites and safety inattentiveness. Land owners have an official duress to take reasonable step to make certain that their property is free from dangerous circumstances that can lead to big damage. Here are a few of cases of unsafe setting that may cause damage. This includes unfeasible or misplaced steps, irregular paths, objects in the channel, badly set steps, Ice or standing water and a many more. We are content to hold your interests and act in response to your problems linking to your approaching property liability assert.

Defective Products:

The Government takes proper measures to make sure that the products being sold in the market are free from any harmful effects but we may get to see a lot of cases where people do get affected by the defectives products. The cause might be the expired products available in the market or products with harmful ingredients. The products may include food items, cosmetics, medicines and a few more things. With our help you can file a case on people responsible for this if you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective product.

Nursing Home Abuse:

Nursing home abuses take account of fairly a large number of things like emotional torture, physical anguish, sexual assault, rape, giving excessive pills, over dose of medicines, ignoring the patients’ or person’s demands and requirements, using foul language and a lot more. To get help about this, we are here for you. These things may cause much vicious harm to the person.

Spinal Cord Injuries:

The spinal cord is considered to be the most important part of our body. Back with the spine encircle a collection of nerves that broadcast indications throughout the entire body, to and from the mind. If you have experienced damage in the spinal cord owing to an accident then with the correct legalized guidance you can be able to get funds for physical state operating expenditure and missed wages and financial payment for pain and misery and troubling shock you have gone through.accident injury lawyers

Wrongful Death:

A wrongful death happens when somebody causes the unlawful death of someone owing to lack of concentration, impulsiveness or irregularity. The death may not be intentional, but if the person had been mixed up in an astute intensity of care or had given an adequate level of awkwardness the happening may have been not probable. Losing someone you love and care for at any time and for any reason is really hard to put up with, but it is even harder to accept as true the fact that this mishap could have been neglected. A wrongful death official agent can assist you by taking care of all the authorized characteristics of your allege and will help you get the remunerate.

Pedestrian Accidents:

It could be very painful if the person walking on the street, children playing on road face a big accident because of someone else’s mistake. If you or a loved one has experienced a pedestrian accident then it is better that you file a case against the responsible party. These accidents may end up in damages like broken bones, fractures, brain injuries and mostly death. Why suffer for someone else’s mistake. Don’t just sit and think what to do when we are available to you all the time. We will make the responsible party pay for your damage.

Aviation Accidents:

Aviation accidents are most of the time deadly. Just 2% of the passengers can survive after an aviation accident and even if they survive they usually are injured so bad that it take ages for them to recover completely and may be never. Airlines themselves are responsible for these accidents and it is their responsibility to pay you the compensation for your big loss or damage. Just contact us and we will make your case.

Making the Most of Storm Water Drainage Systems

Making the Most of Storm Water Drainage Systems or Yard Downspouts

Homeowners and oftentimes even builders are unaware of the damage done to houses by rain where there isn’t a sensible disposal system in place. Too many houses have a downspout coming off the roof, and a concrete or plastic splash block underneath the spout. The rainwater comes out of the pipe, hits the splash block located right next to the foundation, and continues on its way—into the foundation, into the basement, in rivulets running through the landscaping—everywhere, in fact, that rainwater shouldn’t go. More information on this website
The fact is that even a moderate rain on the roof of an average sized house creates thousands and thousands of gallons of water. When all you have to divert the storm water from your roof is a splash block, you’re effectively channeling the water right where you don’t want it to be—to the base of your house. more plumbing information hereplumbing system - drainage pipesThe answer to the problem of rain on the roof making its way into the basement or crawl space is to extend your downspout piping to the ground, run it out away from the house, and pipe runoff either to a collection area for your own use or to a low lying place on your property where it can drain without putting you or your neighbors in danger of flooding. Before you decide where to lay the underground pipes, first take a look around your home and think about where the rainwater would naturally go if your house wasn’t standing there. Keep in mind that water flows down slope, so that’s the most practical place to pipe the water, since it would fall there anyway. (If you have a neighbor down the slope, you may need to work with that person to make sure you aren’t piping your storm water into his yard). Next, contact the power, gas and water companies to make sure there are no buried cables or gas lines in the place where you plan to dig. This is a vital step—every year, people are killed because they cut into electric or gas lines they forget to check for. If your house is on a septic system, make sure you know where the drains and the leach field are: you don’t want to create yet more drainage problems by digging through a pipe!

One of the tools you’ll want to use whenever installing underground piping is your camera. Take pictures of the trench and pipes before they’re covered up, and show parts of the house in the picture, along with tools or even people. You’re creating a scale you can use when you decide to have your electric lines buried five years from now, and can’t remember for the life of you where the drainage pipes were placed. With a complete set of photos, you’ll be able to figure out where your pipes are in case you ever need to replace a section or do some other work that might otherwise damage your storm water drainage. Keep the photos in the same place as your wiring panel photos, instructions for restarting your well pump, and the warranty on the refrigerator. If you keep all your household maintenance papers in one place, you’ll save a lot of time an energy looking for things whenever you need to take care of things that go wrong around the services

Drains and pipe materials have come a long way in the past 20 years. Use smooth 4 inch plastic sewer pipe instead of the black, corrugated flexible pipe: it doesn’t crush as easily and you can use PVC cement or buy fittings that use rubber gaskets instead of adhesives. Professional drain cleaners can work on the sewer pipe without damaging it—the corrugated pipe doesn’t make that possible.

Clear Braces Will Straighten Your Teeth

Clear Braces Will Straighten Your Teeth

Patients have been reading how this modern approach to teeth straightening is a clear alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisible offers the same great results as metal braces by using clear plastic aligners that gently adjust your teeth to their proper alignment.

The Invisible system is a series of comfortable, clear plastic aligners that will be replaced every six to eight weeks as a new set fitted until your teeth have moved to their proper alignment. Invisible braces are highly effective and can be obtained at prices comparable to traditional metal braces and are covered by many dental insurance plans. Call your insurance provider to see if you qualifyorthodontics

Invisible is a breakthrough development when compared to regular metal braces. Your first visit to the dentist will create your first set of aligners that are custom fitted to your teeth. Invisible aligners are not fixed to your teeth like metal braces, instead these clear plastic aligners can be removed when you brush, floss, eat, or sleep. Anytime you want to remove these clear plastic aligners, you can with ease.

Metal braces restrict the types of food you eat because leftover particles could get stuck in your braces and cause discoloration of the metal, bad breath and even cavities if not removed quickly. With Invisible aligners you simply pop them off your teeth and eat all of your favorite foods whenever you want.

For Braces You Cannot See, Choose Invisible Aligners

Wearing metal braces makes adults and teenagers feel self conscious about their smiles and having people look at the braces. Whether you are laughing with friends or just having a conversation many adults and especially teens feel self conscious about their looks. For teenagers this can be a painful time as they go through their trying adolescent years. Today there are Invisible braces to do the job of traditional metal braces but with clear plastic aligners that are almost invisible almost impossible to see. Teenagers and adults can now get the teeth straightening they need and no one will else will see Invisible.orthodontic treatment

Every six to eight weeks you will need to visit your dentist for a new set of aligners that will be fitted to your teeth. With metal braces the visits to the dentist’s office often are uncomfortable and sometimes painful tightening sessions. But with Invisible aligners, they fit easily and are far more comfortable to wear. Your stay at the dentist office will be shorter and the disruption to your day far less than with traditional metal braces.

Teens Invisible Braces

Invisible braces teenagers are wearing not only are straightening their teeth. They no longer have to be concerned about how they look. These affordable, clear plastic aligners are the preferred alternative over traditional metal braces. And parents can benefit as well if they choose the Invisible no-cost replacement option offer to their children in case they lose their aligners.

The Picky Maid reviews – Maid Services – House Cleaning

The Picky Maid reviews – Maid Services – House Cleaning

Have you ever asked yourself what the point of life is all about? It seems as though everything is an endless cycle of the rat race. There seems to be no rest or pausing. If you are not in the office, you are supposed to be at home to cook, clean the house, empty the trash, do the laundry, take care of the kids, and before you know it, it is another morning, time to go to work. This explains why so many families in the United States of America are not living a balanced life, because it is all work and no play, which makes the average American a ‘dull’ citizen. No wonder there are a lot of cases of illness, mental disorder, and many cases of stress and depression. Residential cleaning sevices

“Do you have to go that far to prove that maid services are important?” You ask. The truth is that this is the reality. There is literally no time to even have a break. Home demands and work demands can make you go insane. It is not an exaggeration; many people have become insane because of overwork. Many families have been broken because of the little time available to connect to each other and crime rate has increased. In order to live well, you need time to relax, stroll on the beaches, go out fishing, skiing, and mountain climb, take your family out for a treat, so some love to your family, do some gardening, play games, and jog and so on. However, did you know that it is not possible for some people to engage in such activities because of the commitments of household chores? The sad news is that despite the fact that life is made of simple things, we ignore the very things that make life.

It is no wonder that you can make all the money in the world, but if you find no time to enjoy it, then you still remain as miserable as ever. Our maid services can help restore the meaning of life to your family. Maids come into your house to give you a chance to enjoy other parts of life. When you hire a maid for house cleaning and household chores, you are not spending money, but giving away some money in exchange for some golden freedom. You may think that this is all crap, but the truth is that it is the absolute truth. Maid ServiceMaids are the guarantors of your freedom. They give you an opportunity to discover yourself, share quality time with your family and friends and engage in your treasured hobbies. If you do not believe this, then you also have the choice to continue to live in the miserable and congested lifestyle. Why not walk into one of our maid services office and ask for rescue from the chains that the demands of modern daily living has plunged you into? It will not cost much, indeed no price is too big to pay for one’s happiness.

Bed Bugs And The Problems They Cause

Bed Bugs And The Problems They Cause

Bed bugs are problematic for both commercial and residential Pest Control customers alike. If not handled properly, bed bug infestations can be a public relations nightmare for companies and businesses, resulting in a damaged reputation, lost revenue, possible litigation and, in extreme cases, closure. Homeowners and renters also face a troubling battle with bed bug infestations that can take a physical and emotional toll and prove to be an expensive and frustrating problem to solve.Pest Control

The Modern solution to bed bugs

Our Exterminators offers both conventional chemical treatment and Thermal Remediation or heat treatment to its commercial and residential customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are the leader in the bed bug industry and our trained Pest Management Professionals (PMPs). We can customize bed bug treatment plans to meet your specific needs..
As soon as bed bugs are suspected, call 425 Exterminators for a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the infestation. Then a treatment strategy and follow up plan, including Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, should be discussed.

About the pest
Bed bugs are nasty little insects that can bite your skin, and feed on your blood while you sleep. Their bites can create small red spots on your body. Bed bugs can even cause insomnia in people who are so worried about being bit that they are unable to fall asleep. Because they are not really active during the day, it can be difficult to detect if you have a bed bug problem in your home. While trained bed bug dogs have a ninety-seven percent success rate of detecting bed bugs in a home, the success of even a trained inspector can be as low as seventeen percent. While that figure is surprisingly low, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to detect bed bugs on your own. By understanding bed bugs, and knowing where they hide, you will have a better chance of accurately determining whether or not there are bed bugs in your home. Since bed bugs feed on the blood of sleeping humans, the most common area where bed bugs hide is around the bed. Because they are so small, they can hide in mattresses, headboards and box springs, as well as within pillows and pillow cases, blankets and sheets. As you are examining these areas, in addition to looking for bed bugs themselves, you should also keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs. If you notice any dark spots or small piles of waste, these are strong indications that you have bed bugs in your home.exterminators In addition to your bed, there are a variety of other places within your home where these tricky little insects may hide. After thoroughly examining your bed, the next place to look is your curtains. Bed bugs can easily hide within the folds of curtains. When you are near your walls, if you notice any peeling wallpaper or paint, you should also look behind it. As a result of their tiny size, it’s easy for bed bugs to slip into these discrete areas. Furniture is another popular hiding spot for bed bugs. If you or anyone in your home sleeps on any of your furniture, you will want to be especially thorough when you inspect that furniture. Bed bugs will usually burrow down into the seams of furniture, so this is where you will want to focus your attention. Finally, you may also find bed bugs hiding behind the covers on your light switches and electrical sockets. Because checking these areas requires unscrewing the covers, you will want to check the other areas first. However, if you don’t find signs of bed bugs anywhere else in your house, but still have a strong feeling that they are in your home, it’s worth the extra time to perform this additional check.

Interview with Irvine Chief of Police

The ears of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. For over eighteen years, Irvine City Councilmember Larry Agran has been closely listening to the wants and needs of his Irvine citizens. As an Irvine resident for over 30 years, Agran helped shape the City of Irvine to become one of the safest, most advanced, multicultural and community oriented cities in the world.

Graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in the 1960’s, Agran attributes his interests in politics and public service to the inspiration he received from Kennedy’s presidential campaign and the civil rights and
anti-war movements of the time. While at Berkeley, Agran realized that government, when properly organized, was the instrument for civic improvement.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Agran moved back to California and eventually to Irvine where he realized the enormous potential of the city. “When I came to Irvine, it became clear to me that I would be able to shape the future, programs and policies of the city,” Agran said. His desire to become more involved in city politics fueled his decision to run for city council in 1978 where he was elected. Agran served for a total of twelve years, six as Mayor, until 1990 when he was defeated.

After an eight year break from city politics, Agran returned with a dream in 1998. Agran did not want an international airport at the El Toro Marine base – his dream was to create a great metropolitan park in the heart of Orange County instead. Campaigning under the notion of a Great Park, Agran gained support from the people of Irvine and was elected to city council. In 2000 he was elected Mayor for four years and was recently reelected as a city councilmember.

“I feel that over the years, I have learned to become a practitioner of politics and public policy in a way that involves as many people as possible,” Agran said. His style of leadership is truly democratic in the sense that Agran’s political power relies heavily on the support and participation given to him by the people. Agran loves to see citizens and community activists get involved. He urges members of the community to participate and to shape the programs and policies that create the vital quality of life and community for the people. “The fact that we can work together to create these programs and policies is something I am very proud of,” Agran said.

Agran also takes pride in the integration of the large number of people with different backgrounds, religions, cultures, ethnicities, and languages that live in the city. In a highly multicultural community like Irvine, Agran and the rest of the city council has done a remarkable job in celebrating rather than masking the differences we have together. Cultural programs such as the Irvine Sister Cities Project and the Global Village Festival work to maintain these differences. No community can be everything to everybody, but the balance of diversity in Irvine is remarkable. “In Irvine, you can essentially experience the whole world without ever actually leaving the city,” Agran said.Agran feels fortunate to have such a critical mass of Persians living in Irvine. In addition to his experiences with Persian food, language and cultural traditions, Agran also understands the drive and democratic values behind those who fled Iran because of the revolution. He notes that the Persians in Irvine tend to be very committed to retaining their identity but are also not afraid of mainstreaming into American life. He links our rapid and successful transition into the American culture to the disproportionate number of educated professionals that exist in our community – the overwhelming amount of doctors, engineers, and lawyers in the Persian community is undeniable. Statistically, as one of the most highly educated immigrant groups in the United States, we are a great asset to have.

“In the Persian community there is a willingness to get involved in civic life,”
said Agran. This is ground breaking because many other cultural communities in Irvine are unable to engage in politics due to issues of language and the lack of democratic participation within their countries and culture before. For Agran, the election of Councilmember Sukhee Kang, the first non-Caucasian candidate, to the Irvine city council was revolutionary. “His election to the city council sends
a powerful signal that we have arrived; and ethnic boundaries have been broken,” Agran said.

The more unified a community becomes the more powerful it will become.
Agran believes highly in the importance of cultural publications, such as OCPC, that speak to a community. Grabbing people’s attention and getting them to read, to think and to learn is essential in establishing a good democratic nation. “Publications that cater to certain communities are a great asset to the community,” said Agran. “I love OCPC Magazine!”

The Africa Project

Recently with the help of grassroots and highly publicized media campaigns like and our country’s shift of media coverage of individuals in neglected, third world countries, our country has begun opening its eyes to the massive social, political, and economic inequalities that are so prevalent within our world.

In America, the ONE campaign has become the biggest voice in years to call for a fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. The ONE campaign pushes to allocate an additional one percent of the American budget towards providing basic needs such as health care, education, clean water and food for the world’s poorest countries. Though ONE calls for reforms in all of the world’s poorest countries, they have specifically focuses in on the African continent. No other continent, more than Africa has been hit harder by these crises. In Africa especially, ONE is calling for debt cancellation, trade reform and anti-corruption measures to help African nations beat AIDS and extreme poverty.

ONE is not asking people for their money – rather they want people to speak up and fight against AIDS and world poverty so that decision makers will do more to save millions of lives in the poorest of countries. More than half a million Americans have joined ONE since April 2005; 800,000 have signed the ONE declaration pledging to make a difference. More than one million Americans are also wearing white bands as a show of support for ending extreme poverty and global AIDS. ONE aims to bring the voices of every American together with one message and one purpose: to make poverty history.

With the allocation of an additional one percent of the US budget we can help prevent 10 million children from becoming AIDS orphans; We can help get
104 million children into grade school; We can help provide water to almost
900 million people around the globe; We can save almost 6.5 million children under 5 from dying of diseases that could be prevented with low-cost measures like vaccinations or a well for clean water, and We can build a better, safer world for all.ONE believes that Americans working at the local level can
beat extreme poverty and AIDS globally. Here in Irvine I helped create a grassroots/community based effort aimed to support the children and especially AIDS orphans in Africa. This organization is called The Africa Project and our goal is to link our community with one village in Africa.

Earlier this year, several of us in Irvine got together to organize a community based organization to help Africa. Our mission at The Africa Project is to ensure that the basic needs of children in Africa are met. Those needs include having a safe place to live, adequate food and nutrition, access to education, and proper medical care. From July to early August, I am traveling to Nkandla, South Africa with a handful of others from The Africa Project where there are over 1,000 AIDS orphans.

In South Africa the social worker we are working with, Sister Hedwig, is
already working to provided needed support for orphans – but this is no easy task. There are not nearly enough resources available for her to support the orphans she takes care of. In Nkandla the most pressing needs are food, school fees, basic medical care, and school uniforms. When we arrive, we will be presenting our first donation to the village. We fundraised by asking the friends and family in our community to donate at least eleven dollars which will pay for school fees for the year. Thanks to the sponsors of our first campaign – the Ukuqala (meaning the beginning, the start, or the first one in Zulu) Campaign – we collected a significant amount of money for the Orphans of Nkandla. Every person involved in The Africa Project is a volunteer, which means that every dollar we raise will go directly to serving the needs of the children we aim to serve. Our organization is committed to absolute transparency and will report
all of our activities to our donors through the website.

I invite everyone, old and young, to get involved and support those who are less fortunate than us. As a note to my generation: get involved in any way that you can. Our time is now – we are the most influential group of youth since the 60s. We have the power to make a change and that is our responsibility.

Nastaran Dibai

Nastaran Dibai has written for big hit TV sitcoms including “The Nanny,” “According to Jim,” and her latest project, “Hope and Faith” starring Kelly Ripa. But being a writer and moving up to being an executive producer has not been an easy feat! As a woman in
Hollywood, getting her foot in the door was crucial in getting her
career started. With her husband Jeffery Hodes as her writing partner, together they have indeed moved up the ladder. From getting their scripts rejected by agent after agent to being asked to take over the show “Hope and Faith” starting this August, the road has been a long one but well worth all the hard work!

Q. Tell us a little about your background as a writer

A: I have a BA in communication studies from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where I specialized in Film and Television. After that I did
a fellowship at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, where I specialized
in Cinematography.

Q. How did you get into writing/ producing for sitcoms?

A: This is sort of a long story. After finishing my studies at Concordia University, I was living in Montreal and mostly working in documentaries for The National Film Board of Canada (NFB). I worked on many documentaries ranging in topic from Uranium mining in Canada to disabled women to the year of the shelter for the United Nations. My documentary experience at the NFB took me around the world to places like the Philippines, Japan, Kenya, and the Canadian Arctic. Although, the experience was valuable and rewarding, I always felt I wanted to be involved in more commercial things.

That’s when I decided to apply for a fellowship at the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles. At the time, I was interested in camera work and my experience in Montreal had been mostly in the field of cinematography. Therefore, I applied to the cinematography program at the AFI. It was a very competitive process where I had to submit a portfolio and go through a lengthy interview in order to be accepted. (The AFI program is very hard to get into and only a small percentage of people applying end up getting accepted. It has gotten even more competitive since I was there in 1985.) That was the experience that changed the course of my life, because that’s when I was exposed to the American way of doing things.

After I graduated from the AFI program I headed back to Montreal to see if I could find work in a more commercial venue, but that proved to be difficult. It’s always hard getting work in the entertainment industry, but when you’re a woman and you’ve trained in a technical side (cinematography), it’s even harder. I had work, but it was very sporadic. So, having already been bit by the Hollywood bug, I headed back to L.A.

While I was trying to get settled and looking for work, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to work as his assistant in order to make some money. This was a friend I went to school with in Canada and he had moved to L.A. in order to pursue a career in writing. He had a difficult time starting out, but eventually he got on a show and started to work consistently. I planned on continuing my search for work in cinematography, but in the meantime I figured I could work as my friend’s assistant in order to make some living cash. However, as I watched him work, I started to think maybe I could take a stab at writing for sitcoms. I always enjoyed writing and everyone always said I was funny. I figured, why not. And I realized writers make very good money – much better than cinematographers. Besides, I had my friend, who was already an established sitcom writer who could give me guidance. He told me in order to get an agent and get in the door I need to write a “spec” script. “Spec” is short for speculation, which meant I would have to write a sample script from an already existing show. At the time, I was working at a studio where there were many writers, like my friend, and each of those writers had assistants, like me. I soon saw that most of the assistants were also aspiring writers. We would all go out to lunch and talk about how we were all working on our “spec” scripts and trying to get agents to represent us. One of those assistants was a really smart, funny, man who I really enjoyed talking to about writing and life in general. So, we decided that we would become a writing team and write our spec script together. Long story short, sixteen years later, that man (Jeffrey Hodes) is now my husband and my writing partner. In the beginning, everytime we got together to work on our spec script it was a date.

We got married soon after we met (about 8 months later), and struggled for a few years writing spec script after spec script and getting turned down by agent after agent. But we had confidence in our work and we just kept plugging along. If I’d ever realized how hard the road ahead would be when I started, I don’t think I would’ve pursued a career in writing, but when we were in the middle of doing it, we just kept our eye on the prize. After many rejections and lots of maybe-we’re-not-good-enough-to-do-this discussions, we were finally able to land our first agent. Through him we got several free-lance assignments, but our ultimate goal was to be on the writing staff of an existing show. Eventually, we got our first job on staff and the person who gave us the job was, guess who,
my friend who hired me as his assistant. Since then we’ve worked our way up the ladder.

Q. Has comedy always come naturally to you?

A: I wouldn’t say I’m the funniest person in the world, and I’m certainly not stand-up funny, but I’ve always been able to make people laugh. I’ve always had an affinity for American sitcoms. Even when I was growing up in Iran (I moved when I was 9), I remember watching episodes of “I Love Lucy” endlessly. I couldn’t get enough of them and I’ve probably seen every episode over 20 times. When my family and I moved to the U.S. and then to Canada, I grew up watching classic American sitcoms like “All In The Family”, “Maude”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “The Bob Newhart Show”, and “The Carol Burnett Show.” Later in my teens I enjoyed, “Happy Days”, “The Love Boat”, “Taxi”, and the sitcom that made me want to do this for a living, “Cheers”. My parents worried that I watched too much TV, but I learned the English language and American culture watching those shows, and now that I’m making a living doing it, I guess they feel it wasn’t all wasted time sitting in front of the TV.

Q. What challenges have you faced in the course of your career?

A: The biggest challenge we faced was actually getting our foot in the door when we first started. Finding and agent, getting that first job, and doing well enough to get hired again. However, there are always challenges along the way. One thing I’ll never get used to is rejection. It’s always hard and heart-breaking and it happens to everyone when they’ve been doing it long enough.

Q. What is the latest project you are working on?

A: In May of this year, we were asked by ABC and Touchstone Television to take over the show “Hope and Faith” with Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford as executive producers. However, in order to do this we had to move to New York City, where the show is shot. Almost all sitcoms are shot in L.A., but “Hope and Faith” is an exception. It has to be shot in New York because of Kelly Ripa’s schedule who also does Live With Regis and Kelly every morning and lives in NYC. After being on “According to Jim” for four years, we thought taking over “Hope and Faith” would be a good challenge for us. The network wanted to make some tonal changes to the show and we were pleased to know that they were willing to put their trust in us. We have not started production yet (it starts at the beginning of August), but so far we’ve done 5 weeks of pre-production and things seem to be on track.

Q. Any favorite moments?

A: My favorite moments on a show have always been when you write something and finally see it performed as you had imagined in your head, and it works. That rarely happens, but when it does,
it’s a great feeling.

Interview with Dr. Peter Keller

Right here in Southern California we have a wonderful museum that has much more to offer than you would think. Bowers Museum, which opened back in 1936 as a museum dedicated to the history of Orange County, throughout the years has become an internationally renowned museum
of world culture of art. You might remember that back in the 80s Bowers closed its doors, transformed and reopened in October 1992 having become six times the size that it orginally was! What has happened since 1992 is truly extraordinary.

In mid July, I was fortunate enough to speak face to face with the president
of the Bowers Museum, Dr. Peter Keller. Peter Keller—a gemologist who
has been in the museum profession for more than 30 years—worked at the Smithsonian Institution, Gemological Institute of America, and Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History before becoming president of Bowers Museum in 1992. Since starting at Bowers, Keller has built amazing
partnerships with The British Museum. The Bowers is the first museum in
the world outside Britain to sign an exclusive long-term agreement to showcase its most famous exhibits.

The most current exhibits at Bowsers include the Mummies: Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt Treasures from the British Museum which opened in April 17 (to a record 1200 visitors!) and will remain on display until April 2007, and Evita: Up Close and Personal which will be on display until October 16, 2005. I checked out both of these exhibits and I must say I didn’t want to leave the museum! I was mesmerized by the pieces that were in the Mummies exhibit. Now, I am not one who is new to visiting museums, I have been everywhere from The Getty to The Metropolitan in New York, but I was truly impressed!

In years past, the Bowers has exhibited jade pieces from the Ch’ing Dynasty (1644-1912); objects from China’s Imperial Palace; glasswork from ancient Rome; the House of David Inscription, which left Israel for the first time to
come to the Bowers; fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls; Etruscan artifacts;
and artifacts from Tibet shown for the first time in the Western Hemisphere.

What makes Bowers truly unique is the relationships that have been built. “Peter’s philosophy is that in order to get historical and significant exhibits, you have to meet with people face to face,” said Rick Weinberg, Director of Public Relations. “It’s the personal relationship that gets things done. In the museum world, you have to earn trust.” And that is exactly what Keller has done throughout the years. But he is not alone in this.

Anne Shih, who joined the Bowers Museum’s Board of Governors in 1996,
and was elected to the Executive Committee of the Board, is the Bowers’ leading fundraiser. Her passion for the museum and art is amazing. Together, Shih and Keller have truly elevated the Bowers’ reputation in the museum world.

Currently the Bowers is going through as exciting new transformation. An $18 million project is in the works to open a new 33,000 sq ft wing including 3 new galleries, a 350 seat sloped auditorium and an atrium for galas like weddings, fitting up to 500 people. Don Kennedy, the chairman emeritus, was a key player in this new expansion. “Don has a huge force during the Bowers’ rise as a world-class museum, particularly in the historic agreement we signed with the British Museum and the north wing project,” Keller said.

Partnership, communication, strong relationships – these are all the key points that have led to the success of this rapidly growing museum that happens to be right around the corner for most of us. Plan a family outing on a Sunday and take a trip to Bowers. It truly is “your window to the world’s richest cultures.”

Kasra, Connecting the Persain community to Hollywood

The presence of U.S. based TV networks serving the Persian audience worldwide has been the raising ground for many young journalists who are
active in various fields of journalism. OCPC was able to get one-on-one with Kasra Ghanei, one of the leading journalists active in reporting on American cinema and entertainment. Kasra is an internationally recognized television reporter and personality, currently contributing to PBC television network and Tapesh Magazine. PBC is currently rated as one of the most watched Persian satellite network serving the global Persian speaking public.

It’s been a few years since satellite TV technology improvements and the proliferation of satellite dishes have linked Persian communities in the
Middle East to Persian communities living in the West, initiating a cultural communication channel between both peoples that had been largely sealed
for more than two decades.

Today, over twenty U.S.-based television networks serve the Persian community with American and Persian made content and programming. These outlets, who compete fervently with each other, rely on meager advertisement revenues that serve as the only source of their delicate existence. Aside from the difficulties, however, which are mostly creative, financial and resource oriented– not uncommon even among their American counterparts, few of these media outlets along with their journalists are playing a major role in connecting the Persian community to American culture and society.

Generally speaking, reporters such as Kasra agree that the Persian speaking television viewer is a Western-exposed viewer with enormous interest in American cinema and culture. “Dating back several hundred years, the
significant influence of British, French and later American cultures and arts
on contemporary Persian society and lifestyles, has instilled an anecdotal fascination for Western offerings among Persians” says Kasra . He continues
to add that “This fascination continues to exist today, in particular, when dealing with Hollywood films and celebrities.”

Kasra who himself admits to bearing a deep interest in American arts and cinema, has been active in the frontlines of Hollywood’s biggest events and gatherings. Persian T.V. viewers have become accustomed to watching him interview America’s biggest stars and celebrities from the red carpet. From
his unprecedented interviews with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Omar Sharif, Adam Sandler, John Travolta, Brendan Fraser, John Voight, James Caan,
Terry Hatcher, Ed Harris, Salma Hayek, Joel Silver, Christian Bale and
George Clooney, to his most recent interviews with the legendary directors Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, Kasra has proven to be an effective journalist reporting from the heart of American entertainment’s biggest events.
In many instances, Kasra believes that “reporters like [himself] have been the only representatives of the Persian speaking community” at important international conventions and gatherings. Recently, when star-athlete David Beckham was in Los Angeles at the opening events of the David Beckham Soccer Academy of Los Angeles, the young journalist was there to grab a
one-on-one interview with the celebrity soccer player.

The interview was aired as part of a David Beckham program special which rated very high among the millions of viewers who tuned in worldwide. Or, in another occasion, Kasra was able to place his microphone in front of Oscar-winning film maker Michael Moore and grab the latest scoop on his upcoming project that may or may not be a sequel to Fahrenheit 911. This kind of
access to important international luminaries is notable for the Persian community, as they feel caught up to the events that are occurring all around their communities. But, more importantly, they feel a closer connection to the rest
of American community.

Persian journalists have been instrumental in the discovery of the rising trend
that proves Persian actors, writers and filmmakers are, more than ever before, connected to many of Hollywood’s best motion pictures. While most Persians are aware of Shohreh Aghdashloo’s magnificent performance in House of Sand and Fog (earning her the well-deserved Oscar nomination), there are also other great Persian artists with which the community is not as familiar. One example would be when Kasra met the talented Massy Tadjedin, the screenwriter for
the Hollywood film titled The Jacket, starring the Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody. Once Kasra interviewed Massy on the red carpet, he learned that she was indeed a 27 year old Persian writer/film maker with an English degree
from Harvard. Or at the premier of Oscar winning producer and writer Paul Haggis’ stunning film, Crash, Kasra was able to interview the two Persian
actors in the film, Shaun Toub and Bahar Soomekh, along with Paul Haggis himself. Many remember Paul Haggis from his Best Picture Oscar winning
film, Million Dollar Baby.

The news of these overachievers’ success serves as inspiration to Persian artists, no matter where they live in the world. It also serves as a reminder to the Persian community that their artists are involved in the very center of American culture and society

Reporting on arts and cinema is comparable to light US entertainment
for most Persians living in the U.S. and abroad. However, if it wasn’t for journalists such as Kasra, the Persian community would not be able to learn about the achievements of these hard working artists. Without that, it’s
unlikely that our community would be able to uphold its artists. Fortunately,
such journalism serves as an important bridge between the two cultures and
that is very rare to find in today’s geopolitical environment.

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